Alone,Aloof, Withdrawn
Lost in the crowd,
I’m never truly home.
I inhale my homesickness like it’s the fragrance of mangoes from my backyard long lost
and I always fall short of breath whilst I exhale it.
Sometimes I make home out of my favorite humans,
But it’s a fancy pass.
For my soul is a nomad, always looking for it’s Bandcamp
Always chasing love.
I never truly know where I am, but it’s always serene,
And I never truly know what it is but it keeps me alive.
It’s never really bliss
It’s never really Stark,
For the smell of affection loiters around like it’s the petrichor whilst the monsoon arrives.
Rain drops, heavens part, monsoon leaves.
Love withers as the Autumn arrives.
But love arrives, over and over again
And it leaves when you don’t want it to,
You’ll never know when it arrives,
You’ll never know when it leaves,
You’ll never know what it is,
‘But it will keep you alive’
For it’s the home You’ve been longing for!



imagesAs usual I peeped through my window,
I saw this man under the moonlight,
In a weather so intense yet serene,
Winds blowing faster as they could,
Deep inside I only crave for this Selenophile, only if he
ever looks at me the way he looks at moon;
I do want to belong!
So I finally ventured to move out and face the man of
my dreams,
Our eyes met, only for a second;
The moment being our parenthesis in eternity,
Sat down with him,
We both gazed at what we both wanted the most,
Him, the moon;
Me, Him.
Then I looked at him, the way he looks at moon,
Clueless, He looked at me
Caught, I bowed down my head,
He gently put a strand of hair behind my ears

Raised my chin a little
And he looked at me, the way I always wanted him to;
As the epiphany gushed through,
I felt butterflies in my stomach;
Slowly we unflowered each other;
The universe smiled at us, when his lips caressed mine;
Our Fingers entwined,
The moonlight holds its own magic;
He pulled me even closer,
I have never felt so content before,
Though naked, we only looked into each other’s eyes,
Got another peck on neck,
I closed my eyes,
To loose myself more in the ripple of love,
After a few more hours of passion,
We fell asleep.
Come morning, there was no trace of him.
Frightened, I pulled my dress closer;
A tap on shoulder, a whispher in my ears:
‘The Selenophile has found his moon!’



Amidst the cacophony;

she stands alone

listening to unsaid symphony of the Universe

Gazing at the sky, as she contemplates;

Wishing on the shooting stars;

Praying to the almighty;

what not had she tried?

‘If only it was easy to survive’

With those scars buried deep within

‘Don’t be too ambitious’ as they have told her

‘For how many times do I kill my dreams?’

‘Who asked you to dream?’ is the only constant

Then she looks down at the little angel;

Smiling back at her;

Her smile is the only hope that guides her through

‘For her, I will ‘

Only if he hadn’t left her;

But look! There he resides, in the sky

Waving back at her is the star that shines the brightest;

‘You are a curse’

‘How would you manage alone?’

‘How would you nurture her?’

What not had they said,

She smiles back at everyone,

He left for his heavenly abode;

Left his memories, locked safe in her heart;

‘I will’

She says;

For She is a universe full of exploding stars.

The spell!

Look around!
You’ve cast a spell
Feel it’s bubble
Calm and serene
Life’s no more topsy turvy
You came to my life like springs
You’re like March
For you’ve put an end to the never ending winters of my life.
You came with an air
Air that soothes
You are like a magician


Longing to enchant my life with your magic
You’re like an artist
Who splashed the canvas of my life with all the beautiful colors of nature
You’re the pearl I’ve finally found after years of exploring the eternity of ocean
A pearl tangled in the oyster of love
Oyster within which my heart recides
I’m your sparkle
Let’s get tangled in this Oyster
Let’s calm the fire within the ocean of love
Let’s just remain in this bubble of magic forever
Look around
For you’ve cast this spell!





No wish was ever granted

Still creator,

thankful to thee


For those two wishes you never granted

Would have gone through a lot of filth,

had you granted that first one.

Would have left behind scars and pain, had you granted the second one

There are so many people out there, praying for their lives

yet you don’t listen.

And there i stood,



praying to thee

to take away mine.

This time also,

you didn’t listen.

How could i be so mean?

how could i be so selfish,

to the ones who care,

to the ones who love,

for the ones who don’t?

why did i hate myself?

when i have so much around?

for the things i missed?

Worthless it was!

I cried a little today,

for I  saw it in my dreams,

my corpse lying in the middle

surrounded by hundreds,

all crying,

telling how much they loved me,

how much i loved life,

little did they know,

i didn’t

i never did,

but i do, now!

i want to come back,

but i can’t,

because i am dead,

I already was;

Dead in my own world,

where happiness have been in dearth;

Little did i know,

that i missed a lot, because i missed the things i never could touch.

Things happen,

things come

things go

things fall into place.

But little did i know!

A wish i wished you never granted,

Crying, i woke up

I realized it was a dream,

I smiled a little,

lying in the serenity,

amidst the loved ones

I thank to thee,

for those two wishes you never granted!






Black hair

Hazel eyes

Mesmerising smile,

She was impeccable!

So was her voice

The voice that left him spellbound

The voice that captured his heart

The voice that enchants the music of serenity

The voice that girdled through his chest and reached his soul

The voice in which his heart is tangled

The cupid strike him

Like the heavens poured down

Each heavenly note adding

To the ripple of eternity

Sitting in the whirlpool of those heavenly notes

In the eternal abode

In the backdrop of the exuberant valley!

She shook him

Back to present, she is still the same: tranquil, exquisite

“What?” , she asked

“You, darling! Till death does us apart!”